MountainChild ( exists for the purpose of raising awareness, resources and financial aid for humanitarian work carried out amongst impoverished children living in the Himalayas. Children from these areas are counted fortunate if they live to see their early adolescence and the statistics are staggering; 1 out of 5 deaths of children is due to a water related disease and 24,000 children under the age of five died from water related diseases within Nepal in 2012.  MountainChild is urgently working to improve the lives of these children by bringing food, medical aid, education and love to children who have little chance of survival amongst such hostile conditions.  At MountainChild, they are hyper-fanatical about stopping the cycle of suffering. Their passionate purpose is all about enabling the mountain child to become a carrier of hope to their people.  Five (5) core issues have been identified in MountainChild’s pursuit to meet our stated objectives and to carry hope to the children of the Himalayas.  The five core issues are HEALTH, TRAFFICKING, ENVIRONMENT, EDUCATION, and CHILD LABOR.

To learn more about MountainChild, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

Josh, owner of Vintage Spark Photography, is also a full-time volunteer with MountainChild as the Director of Development Projects.  His role with MountainChild is to manage the operations and implementation of all development related projects for MountainChild, which includes critical infrastructure projects that deliver clean water and provide vital sanitation treatment in the remote villages in Nepal.  He is passionate about the organization, utilizing his other talents and passions for making a difference in the world around us and for the impoverished children of the Nepal and the remote villages of the Himalayas.  Your support of Vintage Spark Photography provides direct and tangible support for the work he does with MountainChild.  

Josh travels to Nepal often to oversee the implementation of life-giving infrastructure, overseeing the planning and preparation of the development projects, and to help raise awareness.  These are some of the images of the children who are the passion of MountainChild.  Carry Hope!