Eric and Julie's Wedding

Josh speaking... Eric and Julie are just fun.  I think that is the easiest way to describe them.  They are full of life and you can tell they have a deep love for one another.  You can also see they have a relationship filled with humor.  To me, humor is a necessary component mixed into the foundation of love.

Vintage Spark was lucky to capture their beautiful wedding in Evergreen.  It was the perfect day and the setting at the Lakehouse presented a striking backdrop for this great couple.

To cap off the day the bride and groom finished with a loving game of Corn Hole... yep Corn Hole.  As a photographer, this is one of those unique moments that you enjoy being a part of.  The smiles, the laughter, and innocent competition and all of this while wearing a elegant dress and classy suit.  It was a moment that I will not soon forget.

Eric and Julie - congratulations on your wedding.  Thanks for letting us be part of your day.  Not only do we appreciate being a part of your day but we feel like we made friends that we will meet up with again!  For some reason I see us playing a game of Corn Hole at Wash Park in the near future!