Senior Portrait Photography - Alyssa

Josh speaking.... As a photographer, we are blessed to take photographs of close friends and often times are lucky to capture moments of new friends that we meet along the journey.  However, every now and then we get the opportunity to capture moments of our own family.  Today we had that opportunity as Vintage Spark Photography spent the morning with Alyssa, my sister.  Alyssa is a beautiful, intelligent young woman.  She is genuine and cares for others and I am proud to be her big brother.  Photography is also a passion she shares with me and she has a natural talent that we get to enjoy together.

During her visit from Vancouver, British Columbia, Vintage Spark captured Alyssa's beauty in two contrasting settings, the city and nature.  The photo session displayed many qualities of Alyssa...her humor, her quirkiness, her beauty, and how she is growing into a lovely woman.

With all that said, I felt blessed for Brandon and I to capture her senior pictures.  We had a great time and this was a special moment for me.  I love you Lys and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do!










































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