Snow days aren't just for kids

Josh speaking... According to, a snow day is "a day on which public schools or other institutions are closed due to heavy snow."  According to the majority of children... a snow day is probably the best thing ever (at least for that day and moment and if you were to poll kids, which I didn't)!  However, I recall the couple of snow days I had as a kid.  They were awesome!  I remember calling friends, snowball fights, hot cocoa, and no responsibility.  Lets be honest though, snow days aren't just for kids; they are for the young at heart.  They take us all back to a time of innocence and it brings out the playful kid in us adults.  Snow days force us to simplify life.  I personally cherish the snow days I had as a kid.

Well on Friday, Colorado received a snow storm that broke a 100-year old record for total accumulation for a February day.  At our house, we received over 18-inches of the white gold.  That amount of snow required me to shovel four times once it was all said and done.  The snow storm practically shut things down; schools, the airport, some businesses (including mine), and everything in between.  It was by definition a snow day!

During my snow day, I relaxed.  It was a much needed break from the chaos of my everyday busy life.  After the two-day deluge and a morning snow that continued into Saturday, the afternoon consisted of a sunny blue sky.  With the sun out and the shoveling complete, that is when the fun began and I realized that snow days are not just for kids.  Snow days are for adults too!  I also determined that snow days are for dogs too!  Our dogs Chloe and Zeppelin were spoiled during our snow day.  Then when the snow ceased and the sun awoke, Chloe took advantage of her snow day.

You gotta love Colorado and you gotta love snow days... I at least know one dog that did!

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