Baby Joshua

Josh speaking...and from a maternity photo shoot comes a newborn session. Joshua is adorable.  He is a happy and content baby.  I must say he also has a pretty awesome name in my opinion.  :)  One of the best things about this shoot was seeing the love and joy of new parents.  In our short time, you could feel and see the unconditional love that Ryan and Heather have for Joshua.  It is truly a beautiful thing and it only going to grow.  I could also see how there love has grown for one another.  They are a family.

Finally, I must mention that Joshua is already cool in my book!  He has a faux hawk.  How cool is that!  And at one week old, Joshua knows how to wear it and it looks good on him.

Vintage Spark Photography truly appreciates being apart of another moment in your families journey.  Enjoy the photos!